Tuesday, October 23, 2012

time for a change.

whenever my hair reaches the shaggy dog stage, that is to say it acquires a certain arrangement only beagles can achieve, then its time for the haircut. dreaded, feared and then fretted about to anyone in sight, a haircut is just a way for me to get rid of split ends and then spend the next three months growing it back to the shaggy dog stage (albeit with the odd 'good hair day'. very odd i might add).

but this time i want to have some fun and actually leave the salong with a hair styleelin and catherine both have a super cool length right above the shoulders. translate: the length ill need to salvage what i have left. my thick eastern european hair, thanking both parents there, might not be able to work at such a short length but hopefully it'll able me with as shorter styling time as well. and it does beat looking like a canine.


  1. love new hair cuts!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!


  2. love everything elin decides to do shes got a natural cool vibe