Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stand Still

Wow. Two years later and this blog is left standing still, the last published post on a once unknown Parisian whose name is all too familiar in the world now.

Isn't it strange how your life can pass you by ten fold and yet there's this moment of the past that stands still forever. I feel so nostalgic when I look at this blog ... the countless hours I spent finding pictures and pouring my heart out into writings that only a select few chose to read ... time standing still in the form of html in a tiny corner of the website.

Who knows where this blog will go now ... I'm sorry for leaving on such an empty note. I came into a point in my life that I don't really remember that much now and anything on this blog was all too personal for me. But now, I feel different, inspired again ... maybe. At least enough to offer an explanation.

Two years is a very very long time, about seven years in the dog world of fashion. But I think I'd like to come back to this soon.